Loyalty card

Purchase is more profitable through the Domino Loyalty card. In case of use the Loyalty Card appropriate amount (same point) of the cashback rate return to you, you will be able to spend it in the hypermarkets. Accumulated points can be used when purchasing products. Points (same amount) are not being withdrawn.

Performed transaction should be more than 100 GEL. Submit a payment receipt of the hypermarket or online shop and the Identity Card to customer service department and fill the card. Receive registered Loyalty Card with the appropriate cashback rate. Consider that on the first receipt, on the basis for what you will be awarded the card will not get points. The primary purchase receipt is determined only appropriate rate of the card. Each subsequent purchase will earn points (same amount) for you.

The Loyalty card has accumulating modes, what is determined by the amount spent.

➜ 1% from 100 GEL

➜ 3% from 500 GEL

➜ 5% from 1500 GEL

➜ 7% from 5000 GEL

* Note: If you submit several payment receipts, you'll get the card which rate is not determined by the total amount of receipts, but the nominal of the highest amount receipt.

If you already have the Loyalty Card you can increase rate of the card till 7%. Not only the accumulated points, but data of amount spent is fixed on the Loyalty Card of the hypermarket Domino. Rate will increase together with the payment increase.

Use a Loyalty Card during payment in the hypermarket Domino and internet shop. Cashback points will be credited to you if you submit a card to the cashier in the hypermarket Domino before the payment. Points in the internet shop will automatically be collected if you mention card number in your personal data.

The number of accumulated points is not reflected on the receipt, you can check the points number in the internet shop in your personal data. Points are activated on the 14th day from the registration. Bonus points will be canceled in case of return purchase products.

*Bonus points are not credited for the discounted, promoted and marked-down products. Also for the products where “without bonus” is indicated on the price indicator.

You can get the information about accumulated points and percentage at the cash desk during payment, at the customer service department and website: www.domino.com.ge

Warn the cashier before pay with the accumulated points. She/he provides you with the information about quantity of the accumulated and available points. After submission Identity Card and your consent payment will be made with points. If you purchase products through internet shop you'll choose “Loyalty Card” in payment type. Check the quantity of the accumulated points before payment. Note: If you pay with points you have to pay 0.01 GEL of the total amount in the hypermarket. Mentioned amount will be removed from the bank account.

If you lose Loyalty Card you can recover it at the customer service department. Submit your identity card for recovery the card. In case of recovery of LoyaltyCard,the accumulated points and rate will be recovered. First recovery of the Loyalty Card is free, cost of recovery for each subsequent card amounts to 10 GEL.