Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions


These terms and conditions constitute a binding agreement between you and Terminal West Trading LLC (hereinafter “Terminal West Trading” or Domino.com.ge) and governs your use of the Domino.com.ge web page. The Domino.com.ge website and/or related services, including any kind of communication carried out by “Terminal West Trading”, at the consumer's address in connection with the services offered, hereinafter collectively referred to as the Domino.com platform.ge.

Since the consumer has a desire to open a personal account on the platform operated by Domino.com.ge so that, accordingly, the consumer purchases products using the platform. “Terminal West Trading” and the consumer agree to conclude an agreement, on the basis of which the consumer will open and use an account, sell products placed on the Domino.com.ge platform, deliver these products to the consumer, and pay their cost to the consumer.

Before using the webpage, we ask you to familiarize yourself with these terms of use.

Each consumer who wishes to use the Domino.com.ge platform is required to agree to the terms and conditions below and to comply with them. The administration of Domino.com.ge reserves the right at any time, unilaterally, by using the same web page, to amend these conditions without the subsequent additional consent of the consumer.

  1. Clarification of terms

1.1. The terms used in these terms and conditions have the following specific meanings, except in cases where something else obviously does not flow from the context:

1.1.1. Account - means a user registered account on a web page;

1.1.2. Authorization - means the consumer’s access to a personal account and includes any actions provided for in paragraph 5 of these terms and conditions;

1.1.3. Terms of use - means these rules, together with any other rules and / or conditions that these conditions of use consider as part of these rules and which govern the consumer’s access to the platform and questions about its use, including those related to any content, functions and services offered by the web page;

1.1.4. Web page - means Domino.com.ge, through which services are offered;

1.1.5. Consumer (buyer) - a legal entity or an individual who satisfies the stipulated requirements of these conditions and wants to purchase products using the Domino.com.ge platform;

1.1.6. “Terminal West Trading”, “We” or “Our” means Domino.com.ge, which is registered and exists in accordance with the legislation of Georgia, identification code (TIN): 406119178, registration address: Tbilisi, Isani-Samgori District , Al. Tvaltchrelidze st. 2, or any subsidiary affiliated with or with him;

1.1.7. Consumer, consumers - means a consumer registered on the platform Domino.com.ge;

1.1.8. Parties - means “Terminal West Trading” and it’s consumers;

1.1.9. Platform Domino.com.ge - means the platform operated by Domino.com.ge, which without any restrictions includes the Domino web page and/or any other alternative channel available to Domino.com.ge;

1.1.10. Operation - any operation carried out by a consumer related to his (her) personal account and/or services;

1.1.11. Universal identifiers - a set of data provided to the consumer from Domino.com.ge, using which
he (she) registers in the identification system and gets the opportunity to use a number of distance services and/or channels of distance services Domino.com.ge;

1.1.12. Access code(s) - codes, passwords, consumer name, identification code (TIN) and/or other confidential information that Domino.com.ge can provide the consumer with access to various services;

1.1.13. Agreement - an agreement concluded between the consumer and Domino.com.ge, which includes these terms and conditions and their annexes, if any.


  1. Opening and using a customer account

2.1. Terms of use of Domino.com.ge services by the consumer:

       3. For consumer use of Domino.com.ge:

  • The consumer is registered on the website Domino.com.ge;
  • For registration, the consumer indicates the name, surname, email and password that only he (she) knows and the system does not save this information in open form, but saves it’s cached version, which is not accessible to anyone except the owner;
  • To complete the registration, the consumer must mark the field in which he agrees with the privacy policy and terms of use of Domino.com.ge;
  • After completing registration, the consumer selects the desired product on the web page and adds it to the basket for purchase;
  • To complete the purchase process, the consumer fills out additional information on the purchase page: personal number, mobile phone number, actual address, selects the preferred delivery and payment methods for him(her) and completes the purchase process;
  • If the consumer has additional questions regarding the terms of service or products of interest on Domino.com.ge, he will contact the support group at: 032 2 50 50 50 or email.
    Email: [email protected]




  1. Universal Identifiers Registered in the Identification System

4.1. Consumer name - one of the parameters, which is unique, is determined by the identification system in automatic mode, is necessary to obtain remote service;

4.2. Password is one of the necessary parameters for authorization in order to receive centralized remote service, determined by the consumer himself (herself) when registering in the centralized identification system, through remote service channels or other communication channels selected by Domino.com.ge. The password is subject to subsequent update/change at the request of the consumer;

4.3. Mobile phone number - the phone number to which the consumer receives a one-time access code and one-time password (if any), necessary to play back the operation required by centralized remote service;

4.4. Personal consumer number/identification code;

4.5. Consumer email address - the email address to which the consumer receives the necessary access codes and passwords (if any) to play back operations provided for by centralized remote service. In order to obtain centralized remote service for the consumer, it will be possible to determine the authorization obligation by a simple (use of a name and password) or complex (use of a name, password and one-time code) authorization method. The authorization method is also registered in the centralized identification system for each corresponding remote service channel/opportunity to use the service;

4.6. To improve service and/or for security reasons, “Terminal West Trading” may identify additional or different customer identifiers.

  1. Autorization

5.1. After registration and verification of the account, in order to use the web page, the user passes authorization;

5.2. Authorization is carried out using universal consumer identifiers.

  1. Conditions for the consumer to select the desired product, place an order, purchase, receive and delete a transaction

6.1. After authorization, the consumer, using a web page, goes to the main page, from where he (she) can access various information through navigation keys;

6.2. Using the navigation keys, the consumer selects the category of products of interest to him (her), after which he (she) gets the opportunity to filter data according to the desired price category, product characteristics and/or other data;

6.3. Noting the “Confirm” button, the consumer selects and places the desired product in his (her) own basket;

6.4. After placing the product in the basket, the consumer is redirected to the calculation page, where payment for various maintenance services may be added to the cost of the product;

6.5. The consumer will be able to receive products purchased using the Domino.com.ge platform in accordance with the previously provided delivery service rules;

6.6. The consumer has the right to use the conditions for returning the purchased product in accordance with the attached return policy;

6.7. The product selected by the consumer on the Domino.com.ge platform is considered purchased and the consumer or the person designated by him (her) is transferred the ownership of the product after it is transferred to the delivery location indicated by the consumer;

6.8. The company is entitled to unilaterally, at it’s discretion, delete the transaction made by the consumer;

6.9. If the company deletes the transaction made by the consumer, then it is obliged to return the amount that the consumer paid to the company’s account before deleting the transaction, in the same amount and to the same account;

6.10. The order can be adjusted in coordination with the consumer by telephone and the consumer confirms the difference between the order amounts (additional cuts or refunds) by pressing the “Confirm” button in his (her) account or in a telephone conversation with the Domino.com.ge operator.

  1. Calculation between Domino.com.ge and consumer

7.1. The consumer can pay by credit card, which includes consent to these terms and conditions;

7.2. At the time of payment by credit card, the beneficiary of the transfer is “Terminal West Trading”;

7.3. “Terminal West Trading”, with the help of an online customer service center, will provide consumers with support in solving problems that arose during credit card payments;

7.4. The consumer settles with Domino.com.ge using the following payment methods:

  1. Warranty Terms

8.1. The parties agree that the warranty conditions apply to a particular product and the terms of their validity fully represent the manufacturer's prerogative and Terminal West Trading LLC cannot accept any responsibility for the absence of warranty conditions / refusal to correct product malfunctions/inconsistencies that arose during the warranty period;

8.2. If there are warranty conditions, consumer claims during the warranty period are presented directly to the service center, which is indicated in the warranty card, regardless of “Terminal West Trading”.

  1. Personal account closure and restriction on use

9.1. Domino.com.ge is authorized unilaterally, by sending a message to the email address, to interrupt or restrict the consumer the right to use the platform if he (she) considers that the requirements and conditions of these rules have been violated. In this case, the closure of the account or restriction on use occurs from the moment of receipt of the message provided for in this article;

9.2. In the event that Terminal West Trading LLC closes the account or restricts its use in accordance with Article 10.1, the consumer is not authorized to create a new account under his (her) or another name;

9.3. The consumer is entitled to terminate the use of the Domino.com.ge platform at any time, which does not provide for the termination of the confidentiality obligations specified in this agreement.


  1. Disclaimer of www.domino.com.ge

10.1. You agree that you are free to choose to use or not to use the website and services of Terminal West Trading LLC, and you do so at will, discretion and risk;

10.2. Terminal West Trading LLC provides you with access to the web page and the provision of services in accordance with these terms and conditions. Terminal West Trading LLC does not give any other promises or guarantees related to the service, product or service that forms part of the service, respectively, liability is excluded Terminal West Trading LLC (in the framework established by law) in connection with the above (including guarantees, satisfactory quality and / or compliance with your goals), in particular, we do not guarantee that the web page and / or service will be constantly available or there will be no software errors, viruses or other malfunctions;

10.3. Terminal West Trading LLC does not bear contractual, tort and/or any other liability to you or any other person for any loss or damage that occurred or is connected in any form with the use of your service or the use of any or another third party, directly or indirectly, including, without limitation, for loss of business, for loss of profit (including loss and non-receipt of expected profit), interruption of business activity or other monetary or material/material losses;

10.4. Terminal West Trading LLC shall not be liable to you or any other person for contractual, tort and/or any other liability for any loss or damage that occurred or is connected in any form using you any link available on site. Terminal West Trading LLC is not responsible for the content of the Internet web page to which you are redirected from the web page or it’s service;

10.5. You acknowledge that “West Trading Terminal” will not be responsible to you or a third party for any changes, as well as cases of restriction or interruption of access to the web page;

10.6. You agree that in the event that the website of Terminal West Trading LLC does not work properly, in the event of malfunctions and interruptions in transactions and transmissions, loss or damage to data or contacts and lines, use by a third party of the site or it’s composition, illegal use by third parties or in cases of circumstances beyond our control;

10.7. Terminal West Trading LLC is not responsible for any losses, including loss of profits caused by the above and such losses are not compensated;

10.8. If any such mistake entails an increase in your profit or the profit paid to you, you have no right to accept such a profit. You must immediately notify Terminal West Trading LLC of such a mistake and return to Terminal West Trading LLC any profit accrued to your account as a result of such a mistake (according to the instructions of Terminal West Trading LLC) or “Terminal West Trading” may, at it’s discretion, cut off the amount of the specified profit from your account;

10.9. Terminal West Trading LLC is responsible for:

10.9.1. to the consumer for the correctness and timeliness of operations in his (her) personal account, in accordance with the conditions provided for by these rules and current legislation;

10.9.2. for the confidentiality of information about operations performed in the personal account, except as otherwise provided by law;

10.10. Terminal West Trading LLC is not responsible for:

10.10.1. product quality;

10.10.2. availability of warranty conditions, fulfillment and/or improper fulfillment of obligations imposed by such conditions during the warranty period;

10.10.3. direct or indirect damage caused as a result of the sale of a product that has a defect, which unlimitedly includes unacceptable profit, loss of business and damage to reputation;

10.10.4. Terminal West Trading LLC is not liable for any operations, obligations or determination of the amount paid and it’s payment, which arises from the agreement existing between the consumer and the merchant;

10.10.5. direct or indirect damage caused by the removal of a transaction made by a consumer for any reason;

10.11. Violation of obligations stipulated by these conditions entails liability provided for by these conditions and the current legislation of Georgia; the parties undertake to compensate each other for the harm caused as a result of partial or complete non-fulfillment of the conditions or improper performance in the manner established by law and/or conditions.


  1. Duration and termination of the contract

11.1. After the entry into force of these terms and conditions, they remain valid until the deregistration of the consumer;

11.2. When a consumer purchases a product under these conditions, payment of the cost of the product in full and appropriately Domino.com.ge is a monetary obligation of the consumer. Fulfillment of a monetary obligation does not entail the termination of these terms and conditions.


  1. Governing law and dispute resolution

12.1. These conditions are regulated and explained in accordance with the legislation of Georgia;

12.2. The place of fulfillment of obligations by the parties shall be Georgia;

12.3. Any dispute related to these conditions or their interpretation is resolved through negotiations between the parties;

12.4. If the parties do not reach agreement through negotiations within 30 (thirty) calendar days, they unconditionally agree, if they wish, to contact the dispute resolution bodies provided for by the legislation of Georgia or other means.


  1. Modification of these conditions

13.1. These conditions are subject to change. Changes will be made by Domino.com.ge without prior notice, however, in the case of significant changes, the consumer must repeatedly confirm his consent to receive uninterrupted service. With each significant change in conditions, the consumer will be given the opportunity to express his consent to use any Domino.com.ge channel.

  1. Single agreement

14.1. These terms and conditions, together with other agreements associated with them, constitute a single and complete agreement in connection with the web page and/or services and replace all previous communications and perceptions made in parallel, as well as written or verbal representations and warranties.


  1. Product acquisition and order of receipt

15.1. The consumer will be able to receive products purchased using the Domino.com.ge platform in accordance with pre-established delivery service rules;

15.2. Accept/receive purchased products can:

  • The buyer (consumer) himself;
  • Any other person specified by the consumer.

15.3. If the consumer does not accept the purchased product and wants it to be accepted by another person, then he (she) must provide Domino.com.ge with personal data of the person, in particular, name, surname, personal number and address, so that Domino.com.ge has the opportunity correctly identify this person and transfer the products.

15.4. The rule described in the previous paragraph is valid only for a product purchased by bank transfer (by card).

15.5. In case of purchasing the product in cash, Domino.com.ge transfers the product only to the consumer or adult specified by the consumer, taking into account the previous rules.

15.6. If a consumer purchases products by installments, Domino.com.ge transfers the purchased products only to the consumer.

15.7. Domino.com.ge reserves the right to delete the order made by the consumer at any time.

  1. Product return / Exchange Policy

16.1. Please read carefully the Domino.com.ge product return/exchange policy. By accessing our Domino.com.ge page and using our web page, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the product return/exchange policy and all conditions for using the web page.

16.2. Our product return/exchange policy relates to the terms and conditions for the return and exchange of products you purchased if you wish.


  1. Transitional provisions

17.1. The headings indicated in these rules are used for convenience only and do not affect the explanation and interpretation of the conditions;

17.2. If requested, the consumer is obliged to provide Domino.com.ge with any additional information, as well as provide any supporting document that requires Domino.com.ge or provides for the legislation of Georgia;

17.3. If any clause of these terms and conditions or part thereof has been deleted, invalidated or interrupted for any reason, that clause or part thereof will no longer be used, which will not affect the validity of the remaining clauses;

17.4. Domino.com.ge has the right to unilaterally amend the text of these conditions and inform the consumer about this using the information tools of Domino.com.ge, including through the web page, as well as through any other channels and/or via email;

17.5. The consumer without the written consent of Domino.com.ge is not authorized, on the basis of these conditions, to transfer rights and claims or transfer his (her) obligations to another person;

17.6. By agreement of the parties, the place of fulfillment of these conditions is considered the legal address Domino.com.ge;

17.7. In those cases that are not provided for by the conditions, the parties will be guided by regulatory standards established by law and/or additionally agreed terms.