Warranty-return terms and conditions

Warranty terms & conditions of the producer or hypermarket extend to products, to which are applied the warranty coupons. You receive a warranty coupon with conditions described in detail together with a purchase. The warranty terms do not extend to some goods presented at Hypermarket "Domino" or sometimes the guarantee conditions are not sufficiently specified in the description. In such case, please call to hot-line 2 50 50 50.

- The online purchase is subject to exchange in case:

• The product has factory defect (mechanical damage is not taken into consideration)

• During the implementation of an order the hypermarket has made a mistake; therefore you accidentally have received the wrong model and/or the item with wrong characteristics.

• During 14 days from the moment of purchase you have decided to exchange the purchased product in similar model. In this case please visit the hypermarket and register the act of return.

- The online purchase is subject to return within 14 days after purchase in case:

• The package of product is not damaged and retains the trade dress, also the product maintains all consumer values as well as keeps factory labels and stamps;

• The product has not been used.

• Medical and hygienic items, perfumery and cosmetics;

• Textile products and decorative products (including New Year's accessories);

• Wire and cable production;

• Construction materials, such as colored paints;

• Measurable products, such as floor coverings;

• Ware and kitchen attributes;

• Household chemical products;

• Garden products, such as: plants, pesticides, agrochemicals and soil;

• Uniforms and the goods for recreation;

• Stationary goods and toys;

• Products for hunting, pyrotechnics, etc.

• Tiles (tile, broom, porcelain, etc.), laminated floor, parquet board, parquet, vinyl coating;

• Valuated goods

in the category - tiles (tile, broom, porcelain, etc.), laminated floor, parquet board, parquet, vinyl coating - the following points are considered an exception:

• samples return - if there is a check, return of 1-3 tiles on one article, from the moment of purchase within 14 calendar days, provided that the sale type and integrity of the goods are preserved;

• if there is a difference in geometry (product, shape of lock), color tone on the surface/coating (spots, stripes, dots), etc.

• The return of excess material, provided that there is a balance in the warehouse, and its relevance, is considered individually.

- When returning the purchase you have to submit the online payment receipt or any other document confirming the payment; and also ID card of the buyer and the purchased product;

- In particular cases the buyer has to fill the application for return implementation. The approximate period for consideration of the application is 30 calendar days.

- In case of return, the sum of initial transportation is not refunded.