Delivery service

Free delivery service:
Take advantage of free delivery service within Tbilisi, in case of:
• More than 100 GEL and up to 50 kg weight online purchase;
• More than 500 GEL and up to 1000 kg weight online purchase.

Shipping of hypermarket purchase:
We offer free delivery hypermarket purchases across Tbilisi under the following conditions:
• Order price is more than 1100 Lari;
In other cases, the following rates apply:

I Zone: Varketili, Third Massive, Orkhevi, Airport, Lilo, Samgori, Avlabari, Metrostroy, Navtlug, Vazisubani, 8 legion
• Standard delivery - 30 lari
II Zone: Mtatsminda, Sololaki, Vera, Vake, Vazha-Pshavela, Vashlijvari, Nutsubidze, Kazbegi, Gotua, Saburtalo str, Kostava, Bakhtrioni, Dolidze, Khiliani, Kala, Ortachala
• Standard delivery - 40 lari
III Zone: Kiketi, Tsavkisi, Shindisi, Tabakhmela, Bagebi, Digomi, Vedzisi, Ponichala, Digomi massiv, Sanzona, Temka, Avchala, Gldani, Mukhiani, Rustavi, Zahesi
• Standard delivery - 50 lari

Delivery by region:
• Standard delivery - 1.50 lari per 1 km.
• Express delivery: 2 lari per 1 km.
Reference point - Domino hypermarket

Standart delivery service:
In the scope of the standard delivery service across Tbilisi:
• The purchase will be delivered at your address in 1-3 working days.

Delivery by regions:
We will deliver the purchased products at online store in every region of Georgia. The delivery terms are as follows:
• The purchase will be delivered at your address on the 4-5 working day when delivery order is completed.

Please Note:

• delivery is only possible for products up to 3 m in length. All heavy products (more then 25 kg) and materials will be delivered at your address without lifting them to the door.

• The weight of oversized parcels is calculated according by volume weight, in case the volume weight exceeds the physical one, with the following conditions: length (cm) * width (cm) * height (cm) / 5000

Additional service-car manipulator:
• Tbilisi, Mtskheta ( in case of purchase in Didi Digomi branch), Rustavi (in case of purchase in Isani and East Point branch)– 150 GEL;
• Out of the city – 1 km = 5 GEL ( kilometers are counted from the border of Tbilisi (Mtskheta, Rustavi), service price counts as following: tariff of Tbilisi + relevant cost by kilometers).

Take away service:
• When you are shopping online you may also choose the alternative delivery method, such as – receiving the online purchase at hypermarket.  While receiving the purchase at hypermarket you must represent the payment receipt and the ID.
• Please visit us on following addresses  here.

• These orders can be reserved for a maximum of 10 calendar days. After this the reserve will be removed and the amount will be refunded.

Please note, that:
• All heavy products and materials will be delivered at your address without lifting them to the door.
• The delivery payment will be calculated automatically after you complete the online order and choose the particular delivery method.

For additional information please write us: [email protected]
Or contact us: +995 32 2 50 50 50/+995 32 2 56 00 16