Ready-made disinfectant for all types of surfaces 0.5 l

Ready-made disinfectant for all types of surfaces 0.5 l
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SAFE SEP, Georgia, Weight (kg): 0.5
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Disinfectant has antimicrobial activity against gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms, the causative agent of tuberculosis, viruses (including acute respirator infections, herpes, polio, all types of hepatitis, HIV infection, adeno-, rota-, papovavirus), candida fungi, trichophyton (dermatophyte), mold fungi, pathogens of nosocomial infections. It has a sporocidal activity and is also effective against especially dangerous infections (E. coli, black pestilence, cholera, anthrax, bird and swine flu).

It does not contain aldehydes, phenol, chlorine and peroxide compounds, does not damage the treated surface, does not cause metal corrosion. Does not dry and does not cause allergic reactions on the skin and mucous membrane. Non-flammable, environmentally friendly, does not require flushing after disinfection.

It is used for disinfection of surfaces, equipment, machinery indoors, it is used for metal, cast iron, polyethylene, polypropanol, rubber, granite, broom, stone, fabric, leather, as well as in the food industry and air disinfection.


• Manufacturer: SAFE SEP

• Composition: polyhexamethylene guanidine hydrochloride, alkyl dimethyl benzalkonium chloride

• Safe for human health

• Volume: 0.5 l

* The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the characteristics, color, configuration and design of the product without warning. The store is not responsible for the changes made by the manufacturer.

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